February | Lathrop was interviewed by Associated Press for an article on the Earth's magnetic field. Check it our here.


February | Our 3-meter geodynamo experiment was mentioned in a National Geographic article that talks about the Earth's magnetic field.

July | Our 3-meter geodynamo experiment was featured in a Veritasium episode. Check it out here.

December | Our 3-meter geodynamo experiment was featured in a Chemical & Engineering News article. Check it out here.


July | Our 3-meter geodynamo experiment was featured in the NHK BS Premium channel in Japan. The episode aired July 15 and a preview in Japanese is available.


May | We published an article about our superfluid helium research at Funsize Physics.

October | Our 3-meter geodynamo experiment was featured in the FOX show Xploration Earth 2050. The episode aired October 29, 2016 and can be accessed via Hulu.


August | Dan Lathrop was interviewed for a BBC Radio feature on the Earth's magnetic field (begins at the 8:18 mark), related to our 3-meter geodynamo experiment.

July | Dan Lathrop was interviewed for a Voice of America feature video on our 3-meter geodynamo experiment.

Science et Vie cover and 3-meter

June | Our 3-meter experiment was featured in French magazine Science et Vie.

April | Daniel Lathrop wrote a book review in Physics Today for Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: With Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering by Steven H. Strogatz (ISBN 978-0-813-34910-7)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth cover and 3-meter

April | Our 3-meter experiment was featured in David Whitehouse's book Journey to the Centre of the Earth.


The lab was visited and researchers interviewed for an article in The Washington Post on the effect of the sequester on university research funds.

Daniel Lathrop and Barbara Brawn-Cinani have published an article in Nature Physics on vortex rings titled Fluid dynamics: Lord Kelvin's vortex rings, which was mentioned in the press by articles in Scientific American and El Dia.

The 3 Meter Dynamo Experiment was featured in Discovery Canada: Daily Planet, which can be seen here on Youtube.


Horizon documentary and article by the BBC on the Earth's Core featuring Dan Lathrop and the 3m experiment. The documentary is available here.

Superfluid experiment featured on Science News article "Quantum Whirls"

The article Angular Momentum Transport in Turbulent Flow between Independently Rotating Cylinders featured in the Search&Discovery article "Exploring the extremes of turbulence" of the January issue of Physics Today and in the synopses of physics.aps.org " Heat and twist of turbulent flows".


The results on reconnection of quantized vortices featured in the July issue of Physics Today. The title of the Search&Discovery article is "Filming vortex lines reconnecting in a turbulent superfluid".


Vital statistics: you can read a quick construction summary of our three meter experiment in the “Extreme Machines” section of the September 2008 Popular Mechanics.

"Dr. Dan Lathrop: The study of the Earth’s magnetic field" is an interview with Dan Lathrop about the geodynamo research.

Dr. Lathrop and our work in geophysics were recently featured on NPR's Morning Edition. The online article by David Kestenbaum includes text, the radio broadcast, and a video about our work. Update: the piece


Our work has been featured in a number of public outlets lately—you can read about us in Discover magazine or Geotimes magazine; you can also see us on PBS's NOVA.