2.3 MeterWater Tank

Height of water 1 meter
diameter 2.3meter


Understanding mass transfer rates of of atmospheric gasses is imporant to quantify laws describing gas absorption into large bogies of water. This transfer rate is directly applicable to natural processes of how greenhouse gasses are absorbed into oceans. There have been extensic studies on gas transfer of CO2 and O2 due to capillary waves created by Faraday excitation and wind. However, the oceans are mainly dominated by gravity waves. Gas transfer due to gravity waves appear to be a strong function of frequency and amplitude of the waves.

A wave state is abtained by driving a solid closed foam ring with 12 linear driver. These drives are driven with a sinusiodal function of a given amplitude and frequency. Once a wave state is established the rate of ingassing is recorded via an O2 sensor. Prior to a run the water is tranfered to a smaller tank which is under vacuum and filled with ceramic chips which acts as a sinter. Then the water is pumped back into the 2.3 meter tank. Above is picture from a 1.6Hz sinusiodal driving at a fixed amplitude. And below is the same but at a higher amplitude.

Future goals